EMS training as a Business Opportunity

EMS Fitness: Build a better fitness studio today!

EMS Fitness Partners bring XBody to Canada!  XBody is a leading Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) delivery system using science similar to that applied in technology that has been used by physiotherapists for decades. XBody takes this proven approach to a new level by delivering EMS impulses to 93% of the body's muscle mass simultaneously while you train. By amplifying effort, XBody allows the trainer to offer a customized, balanced, high-intensity, low-impact workout in just 20 minutes!

Better and more consistent than traditional weight training, XBody allows the trainer to achieve the kind of results in one brief, manageable session that would normally take up to 2 or 3 hours at the gym.

Open Your own Fitness Studio

More than a fitness machine, the XBody system offers a better business opportunity for fitness instructors and trainers looking to strike out on their own. The EMS technology amplifies effort and condenses required training time to provide a complete, balanced workout in an efficient and easy to manage way. One machine allows the trainer to offer a complete, full body workout, which means low start up costs and overhead. A standard studio setting with two machines requires as little as 1000 square feet. A mobile version is even available for the trainer who prefers to make office / house calls.

Substantially increase your existing business

XBody delivers a superior, balanced workout in a very manageable amount of time.

  • Attracts a busy, professional clientele not currently frequenting traditional gyms
  • Delivers results in 20 minutes appealing to those who have little time to go to a traditional gym setting
  • Appreciated for its convenience (appointment based, no waiting, no gym-bag)
  • Allows a trainer to see a significantly greater number of clients per day / week 100+ clients per machine per week.
  • Superior results and greater satisfaction lead to greater client retention
  • XBody Training Institute provides ongoing support and training certification programs for you and your staff.
Superior, proven fitness technology from Europe

Relatively new to Canada, XBody and EMS training have been very popular throughout Europe for the past decade. Since the first EMS studio opened in the early 2000's, thousands of studios have served millions of satisfied customers across the continent. XBody now distributes products in over 35 countries world-wide.

XBody is a leading manufacturer of EMS systems and its solid state, European design makes it the perfect centre-piece to your future EMS studio.

  • Elegant design makes it a stylish centrepiece to your studio
  • Advanced programming and touch screen technology
  • Quality material and components for reliable and consistant implulse delivery
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance and repair

Customers are initially attracted to the XBody technology and the benefits of EMS. And they say, not only for the results, but because XBody takes the focus away from weights and treadmills and puts it squarely on the trainer this relationship becomes another distinct reason clients become loyal. XBody allows you to create a highly personalized experience for each of your clients:

  • Master control and individual zone controls allow you to adapt intensity to each client;
  • Three impulse settings allow you to adjust the training mix (strength, cardio-vascular, massage / recuperation)
High quality

XBody equipment is made by local XBody employees at the XBody campus in Gyor Hungary. Our production team is right beside our R&D engineering and design teams. Not only that, but we invested much time and resources into having input from actual trainers in the field! XBody is known for the quality of our design, the strength and consistency of our EMS delivery and the practicality of our modular components. In the event that a problem occurs, you can't afford to have down-time. XBody offers replacement parts that are accessible, affordable and easy to install – with the goal of getting you up and running as quickly as possible. Not all EMS solutions are so flexible.

XBody offers a world-class warranty program for all of its products.

High intensity

Actually, the intensity level of a given session is entirely up to you and your client. For older clients or those with modest objectives, EMS can deliver an intensity level that each individual client is comfortable with. Make no mistake, however, the client who is looking to leave it all on the floor can get from XBody the most intense workout experience of his or her life. EMS is a serious fitness tool that delivers serious results. 

At the same time, the XBody solution does not require the kind of weights and equipment that can cause impact and joint injuries. The workout is impact free unless the client is able, and joint stress is minimal. Add these low-impact considerations to some of the therapeutic benefits that have long been associated with EMS and you begin to realize the full potential of the XBody solution!

Full body workout

The EMS impulses of the XBody system has the unique quality of simultaneously working fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. The electrodes deliver impulse stimulation to 93% of all body muscle over the entirety of the session – no major group is left out of the training. The result is an extremely balanced workout that positively effects posture, core strength and tone as of the first session!

Just 20 minutes at a time

"He starts the timer and the session begins. I see the time tick away and before I know it there is only a few minutes left. I put in that last push because I know that I only have, say, three minutes to go. When the timer hits 0 the session stops and I high-five my trainer and go get changed. I feel worked, exhilarated and satisfied and I still have time for lunch!"

The key benefit of XBody is the quality of the training result. What really makes it appealing however is the short 20-minute period required to obtain that result. An XBody workout is not easy. It can be intense. But it is intense and then its over.

For the busy customer, training time is often a huge barrier to achieving their fitness goals. It is often a source of discouragement, or reason to procrastinate. XBody removes this barrier to fitness.

For the trainer, time is, well... money. Imagine having a fitness solution that delivers the kinds of results your customers are looking for, that also allows you to control your day down to the half hour. Appointment based scheduling, reduced down-time, improved time management. These are powerful bi-products of the XBody solution.

Relatively small start-up costs

No need for multiple stations and a myriad of weights, benches and equipment. The typical micro-studio is between 1000 and 1400 square feet. It's all about you, the trainer, your customers and a great workout!