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We specialize in sales of EMS fitness, featuring XBody Actiwave: A beautiful, well crafted product and a simple user interface creates a fun training experience and simplifies the job of studio owners.  

Multiply your revenue with Group Training sessions for up to 6 clients and double the turnover of your EMS microstudio with not just one but 2 or more training sessions at the same time with only one device. 

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Devices and Stands

XBody Actiwave

The world’s first hybrid EMS device that allows training with and without cable at the same time. Actiwave was designed to fit any EMS training needs and any business models, while offering never before seen earning opportunities.

Brain Support Stand

Brain on Wall Stand

Brain on Standard Stand

Combination of 3 Units


A) Training Suit / B) Undergament

Suit Holder Stand


Connection Cable


Water Spray Bottle