EMS Training FAQ

For whom is EMS useful?

In general, EMS training is suitable for almost everyone – whether man or woman, young or old.

All clients should consult with a physician before starting any new workout regime and EMS training is no exception, especially clients with any of the following:


  • Heart disease
  • Pacemaker
  • Extreme blood pressure
  • Thrombosis
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological diseases
  • Bleeding tendencies
  • Febrile, bacterial or viral disease
  • Hernia
Can you continue EMS training over the long term?

Yes. Just like with conventional strength training, you should workout regularly.

If you do not workout over an extended period of time, the muscles will be reduced to their original status.

What are the benefits of EMS?

EMS training is in gyms, wellness and beauty centers, as well as in competitive sport, rehabilitation and medicine. Elite athletes use EMS in addition to their training in order to improve their strength and speed. Physical therapists make use of EMS for joint-sparing muscle formation and for targeted back exercises. Personal trainers, gyms and beauty centers concentrate on the fitness and beauty aspects: body shaping through muscle formation and catabolism of fat, stimulation of metabolism and tightening of connective tissue.

Why is EMS training so much more effective than conventional weight training?

The EMS full body workout activates over 90% of the muscle fibers at the same time during each contraction.

As opposed to conventional strength training, deeper muscles are used, as well.

Therefore, the training produces a much more rapid effect.

Is the stimulation current dangerous?

No. Training or therapy using low-frequency current stimulation is not dangerous. During this process, small intrinsic electric pulses initiate every movement and exclusively activate the striated skeletal muscles.

Therefore, the impulse does not seem foreign to the body nor reach the organs or the heart.

Can I lose weight with EMS?

Yes. In the first phase of the training, you will lose centimeters and in the second phase, fat depots are attacked.

You will also burn more calories because of the increased muscle activity, which means that the energy consumption increases.

When will I notice results?

You already feel vitalized after the first training session. Visible success, such as a better posture usually sets in within a few training sessions. Girth loss, power increase and improvement of your skin’s appearance will visible within a short period of time.

How long has EMS technology existed?

In 1902 a French researcher invented the first stimulation machine, which he used successfully to treat muscle atrophy/paralysis. More research followed and 70 years later two Russian scientists, Kotz and Chwilon, proved the outstanding results of muscular stimulation on human beings.

Their experiments showed a 30-40% increase of muscular strength with minimal physiological and mental efforts in a short period of time. Back then EMS training was mainly used in therapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of muscle atrophy and muscle imbalance and in professional sports to improve performance.

Training with electro muscular stimulation these days is a popular and proven training method which enjoys fast growing popularity all over the world.